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How To Deeply Clean Your Fridge Inside And Out

Tips For Cleaning Of Fridge

If a guest comes to your house and he takes something from the fridge and suddenly he sees your fridge accessory dirty, then he does not feel like drinking water or eating any item kept in the fridge. This also has a very bad effect on your personality that you do not keep cleanliness in your house. 

Cleaning the fridge is a very important task which we often ignore which you should not do because the food or other items kept inside the fridge also get spoiled. But today we are telling you some tips to clean the fridge, which can clean almost all your fridge. 

Let's know these tips.

1. Clean all sections: 

You should clean all the different parts of the fridge thoroughly with a soapy solution. For this, first put all the trays and drawers of the fridge in a soap solution and let them remain soaked for some time. 

After that clean them thoroughly. You can also wash them with dishwashing gel after adding them to the solution, and then either leave them to dry or wipe them off with a tissue.



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2. Clean the interior and exterior: 

To clean the interior and exterior of the fridge, you have to prepare a solution by mixing water with dish wash gel in a bowl. Clean the entire fridge by dipping a sponge in this solution. 

Many times there are many stains on the outside of the fridge as well. So do not forget to clean it carefully too. After that wipe off all the foam with a clean cloth.

3. Clean the refrigerator door: 

Wash the refrigerator door with a solution that does not leave marks on it. He could not look dirty. For this, you have to prepare a solution by mixing vinegar and dish wash gel together. Clean the fridge door with it. After this, wipe the refrigerator door with a clean cloth.

4. How to clean stubborn stains: 

If a vegetable has fallen in the fridge or a stubborn stain gets in your fridge, then mix baking soda in a spoonful of vinegar and leave it for some time so that it mixes well. 

Can you After this, apply this solution to those stains and clean them later by dipping a clean sponge in water.



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 5. Clean the gasket like this: 

To clean the gasket, add a little water to the vinegar and make a good solution. Wipe the gasket by dipping a cloth in it and then wiping it with a clean cloth. 

After this, you apply lemon essential oil on a brush and apply it on this part so that it does not have any effect on the rubber. This will keep the rubber as it is.

So by following these tips, you can easily brighten up your fridge and make it look new. With this, your fridge will be thoroughly cleaned from inside and out. You should definitely clean your fridge once a month. Because some foods give off an aroma in the fridge which spreads to other things as well.



How long does it take to deep clean a fridge?

It usually takes about 45 minutes to clean the entire fridge. If you are dealing with extra tough stains and old sticky messes, please allow extra time. Pro tip: If you can't set aside a full 45 minutes to deep clean your refrigerator, follow the directions in my kitchen deep cleaning checklist.

How do you deep clean a smelly fridge?

Apply a small amount of vinegar and baking soda directly to your cleaning equipment. Wipe. When the fridge is empty, start at the top and work your way down. Don't forget to wipe the bottom of the drawers and scrub the ceiling, sides and doors.

Does baking soda really work in the refrigerator?

Solution: Cleaning can only help so much. To absorb odors, place an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator (some recommend sprinkling baking soda on a plate to increase surface area). The baking soda will soak up the bad smell and after about three days your fridge will smell clean.




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